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Smartphones, IP networks, computers, applications, and software are complex modern marvels. TCL understands the technology, from circuit-switched twisted pairs to IP packet routing, with many years of experience representing and advising hardware, software, fiber, wireless, Internet, satellite, and other technology and network companies. 

For the best representation and advice  you need a lawyer who is on the cutting edge of the technology and related laws, who understands your systems and networks, and has the perspective to help you overcome legal hurdles so you can change the world.


The law can struggle to keep pace with rapidly changing networks and technologies, creating more challenges for tech companies.  Older laws and regulations written for simpler times may not mesh neatly with newer technologies. 


TCL has decades of experience helping tech companies harmonize new systems and technologies that are pushing the boundaries of slowly evolving laws and regulations, or promoting change when beneficial.  Lawyers who understand the unique challenges of tech not only can help you with legal and regulatory compliance, but can even help you find new opportunities. 

Law for the Digital Age


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